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A busy start to the 2012!

8 Jan

Happy New Year !

Oh wait I already said that right? We are only 8 days into 2012 and I already feel like 2011 was so long ago. The first week of January are always busy in our house, but the best kind of busy – the fun kind.

Being a January baby is clearly very cool – all my adult life I have always been surrounded by friends that have a birthday at the beginning of January, just like me! And this only means one thing – lots of parties, gifts and of course Cake!

This amazing cake was part of my baking buddy’s surprise Masquerade Ball! I had every intention of taking a picture of the amazing inside of the cake, but my slice was gone before I even thought about it, it was delicious!

Birthdays also mean one other great thing – Presents! And this year I was lucky enough to get some amazing gifts (my hubby and friends know me faaarrr to well)

Including The Cake Book & Mini – Pies – So look forward to a post about my first attempt at mini pies in the future.

And not baking related at all, but something I need to share, the most amazing shoes in the world:

So with everything starting to calm down, I cant wait to get back to baking and decorating again, and sharing it all here! So watch this space!

Here’s a sneak peak at my first 2012 project…

…can you tell what it is yet?