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LucyLuPop Bakery is now open for business.

27 Jan
I am very excited to be able to announce the launch of my brand new bakery business. I’m officially taking orders for all the yummy and pretty cakes, cake pops, cupcakes and cookies you could ever want.

As with all small businesses, I’m highly dependent on word of mouth and referrals.  I’m hoping I can count on you all to help spread the word, or just order a ton of cake!

The LucyLuPop Bakery website can be found at I also have a Facebook page which you can find at If you’re not already you can follow me on twitter at

Finally I’ll be continuing this blog on my new website which you can access at



Remembering Veterans Day

11 Nov

When life gets crazy, its often easy to forget the small things.  While we should alway remember those that fight for our freedoms, today we should pay special attention.

In the UK, this is the time of year where you rarely see a person walking around without a poppy.  Sadly this year I do not have one, so I am posting mine here – to show my support!

I also wanted to post this, as such a beautiful moment for remembering those who did not make it back. It may be from a comedy, but I just think its a beautiful scene to remember our soldiers.

Thank you to all our Veterans around the world

#FF Follow Friday – [Desi]gn Cakes & Cupcakes

4 Nov

Happy Friday all! The weather here in Orange County is miserable today, a sign that Winter has offically set in.

So my #FF Follow Friday this week is a little piece of sunshine in Orange County, Miss Desi from [Desi]gn Cakes & Cupcakes.

Many of you may have seen [Desi]gn Cakes & Cupcakes on Cupcake Wars, or at this years Cupcake Camp OC, where I was lucky enough to spend some time with her and try some of her amazing Cupcakes. You can read my Cupcake Camp OC recap here

Desi and here Cupcake Nerd Fan! 🙂

Abit of bio from the [desi]gn Cake & cupcake website itself:

We are an award-winning online cupcakery, featuring an array of unique and traditional cupcakes. All of our cupcakes feature flavors from our traditional Italian heritage, and we bring a little piece of Italian love to each treat we create. We use fresh fruits in our batters, sweet cream butter, and create all of our cupcakes from scratch. We create your treats to order, so you can savor in the most delicious cupcake.”

And after trying some of Desi’s cupcakes, I can confirm she is definetly worthy of all 7 times she has won awards!

This week is also a special week for them, as it is their First Birthday!! On Monday November 7th, [Desi]gn Cakes & Cupcakes will be celebrating this great occasion with cupcakes of course, and an birthday event! Details of the event can be found here – maybe I’ll see some of you there!

So if you live in OC, and are a cupcake fan like I am, I would recommend you try [Desi]gn Cakes & Cupcakes! You can also follow Desi on Facebook and Twitter for more information on her new flavours, creations and events!

For Pricing, flavours and General information on [Desi]gn Cakes & Cupcakes, you can also visit their website at

Happy Halloween

31 Oct

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Last week the company the hubby works for had there annual Trick or Treat event. Alot of companies these days allow staff to dress up for the Holiday, and some even have contests, but this is slightly different. All those with children are able to bring them into the office, dressed up for the Holiday, and they can visit their colleagues offices for Trick or Treating! Some of the costumes are just too cute!

So as a treat for the kids, and those in the office participating, I send in a little treat of my own. Halloween Cupcakes!

Apologies for the bad lighting, these were taken very late at night!

To deal with allergies, I decided to make these Gluten Free. I have been looking for good gluten free recipes, and so far this one seems to have been the best. I’m still holding out on finding the perfect recipe, so when I do, I will share! Upon request, I made Red Velvet Cupcakes. They had originally started as Orange Velvet, to fit in with the theme, however, the coloring wasn’t as bright as I had hoped.

I went for three different styles, the first being Oreo Spiders.

These are made from simply covering the cupcake in Orange ButterCream (I’ve previously posted my favourite Butter-Cream Recipe here). Then a single Oreo Cookie is then tilted on the top of the cupcake, and I used melted chocolate to draw on the legs and eyes.

Marshmallow Pumpkins

To make these rounded out Pumpkins, I used a circular candy mould to mould Orange Fondant into a half ball shape. I left these for afew hours to harden before drawing the Jack-O-Lantern faces on. As these were hollowed out shapes, I needed top find something yummy to fill them with. Afew weeks ago I brought some Marshmallow puff – and till this week, had never had a project to use it it. Until now! The only downside – after alittle while, the marshmallow started to leak out of the Jack-O-Lantern.

And Finally – Fondant Mummies,

These started off being the most complicated design, however turned out to be the most fun to make. I covered the cupcakes in white Butter-Cream, and cut small strips of White Fondant. Before applying any, I added a small section of black Butter-Cream, and added two small sprinkles for eyes.

Happy Halloween one and All! Have a great night if you are not to partied out – and enjoy the candy!

Halloween ‘Martha’ Style

30 Oct

This week has been a long one, work has been crazy and, like everyone else it seems, I have been battling with being sick. Now I am back, on the mend and ready for the sweet delights of Halloween!

This Saturday I visited my local Sur La Table to take part in a cooking class. Afew weeks ago, a friend asked me what class I would recommend them taking as beginner, and I had to admit I didnt know anything about them. This resulted in some research, and to my delight, a local branch of the store offering a wide variety of classes. All of a sudden, one name appeared on the course list and I was sold. The name, of course, was of Miss Martha Stewart.

The class took place in a fully-stocked student kitchen in the back of a branch of Sur la Table. The class was full to capacity, with a total of 21 students all under the careful guidance of Chef Lauren. The Theme;

Halloween Treats from Martha Stewart Living.

The menu consisted of;

Crispy Chocolate-Marshmallow Treats,
Halloween Whoopie Pies,
Pumpkin Chocolate-Spiderweb Tart, and
Almond Brownie Coffin Cake

I loved the way this class worked with so many of us present. The class was divided into 4 stations and groups, all whom made a half version of the printed recipes. Along with Chef Lauren, were 3 assistants who filtered through the groups making sure everyone had the right ingredients and tools, and helped when Chef Lauren was with another group.

Amongst the class was a young girl who had been coming along to multiple classes to learn all she could as she was an aspiring chef.  I was amazed at the culinary knowledge of this 10 year old, and loved the passion she had for the trade.  I wish I had know back at that age that I loved cooking as much as I do! She was a true inspiration to the rest of our group.

The treats we made were delicious! The Rice Krispie Treats reminded me of childhood treats, and the chocolate was a fantastic twist. This was the first time I had ever made or even tasted Whoopie Pies, and the first time didn’t disappoint. My overall favourite however was easily the Almond-Brownie Cake. This is easily the best brownie recipe I have tried in a long time and I cant wait to try it out for myself.

All of the recipes from this class are available in the Martha Stewart Halloween issue on newstands now. You can also find a listing of your local Sur La Table Cooking classes here.

Family Time!

20 Oct

Hi all!

Thank you all for being so patient with my brief blog break. For the first time since our arrival in the US over 18months ago, some of my family and friends came to visit! I had the most amazing, but crazily busy few weeks. Returning to ‘normal’ schedules has been weird too, and I have sat down so many times to write this post, and just had, well, writers block. My family time was filled with fun and of course sweet things of all varieties, so I decide to share a brief look.

Sunday– Cupcake Truck

Recently, our apartment community has had regular visits from food trucks. The first two visits have been amazing, with Kogi and The Lime Truck. This was time for something different – A Cupcake Truck. Lisa and her Cupcake Truck ‘Oh for Sweets sake’ came to brighten up our Sunday afternoon. Apologies for the bad pictures, but these beauties didnt last more than 2minutes in our house!

Monday – San Diego

Whilst visiting San Diego’s Seaport Village, we came acrossed such a cute little Cupcakery, ‘Frosted Robin Cupcakes

The little store was soo cute and all of the cupcakes looked amazing, both my sister and I decided to try Chocolate cupcake with Blue Vanilla Buttercream Frosting. There is no other way to describe this cupcake, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!. If you are ever in the area, I would seriously recommend you pay them a visit.

Tuesday – DISNEY!!

Mickeys Halloween Party at Disney, what an awesome day (&night). Friends from Europe were here and we had all set a date for Disney.

Before heading off, I had heard of the Disney Snack Track, a book listing all of the sweet and unique treats that can be found in the 2 parks. I call that a challenge, so the ones I found…….

Mickey Ice Cream Cookies!


Mickey Shaped Pretzel...perfect munching for 'The World of Colour'

Halloween Cupcakes

I loved these Caramel Apples

Friday – Making Cupcakes!

So as we had to wait in Friday for a UPS deliver with a certain Apple product I may have purchased *cough*, we decided to make use of the time by teaching my sister to make cupcakes.

Oreo Cupcakes …..Done! I think my sister did a pretty good job too, cupcakes clearly run in the family!

So, from this week, normal service resumes, and my week is filled with catching up with blogs, baking and trying to balance full time work again (who knew a week off could throw you off so much).

See you all tomorrow for the return of ‘Follow Friday’

My Venture into ‘Tall’ Cakes

27 Sep

As I have mentioned before on this blog, over the last few months I have been taking the beginners series of Wilton classes at my local Michaels. This week will be my last week! I dont know what I will do with my Wednesday night from here on in! (well ok I really I know I will be busy as hell between now and, well probably Christmas).

Every month, Wendy, our local Wilton instructor offers one off classes, mainly in cupcake decoration (I have signed up to the October Halloween class already!!). Sadly I missed the cupcake class this month, but was happy to discover another new offering; ‘Tall’ Cakes.

Now to be honest, I have never made a tiered or tall cake before, and wasnt really sure if I would ever be called upon to actually make one. However, I have loved and learnt so much from the other classes, I thought it couldn’t hurt. You never know when it could come in handy.

And this was what came out of it:

I was surprised in myself, this came out alot better than I expected for a first attempt. It shows the classes are paying off.

I was so happy with the bow - but the picture sadly doesnt show it so well

As for the class itself, well it wasnt my favourite. Alot of the class was explaining the techniques of tiered cakes, and ALOT of useful tips on storing, and travelling with tall cakes, and only alittle time spent on actually creating a cake. Most of the cake in the picture above was decorated at home. Then I have always been someone who learns more from actions rather than theory. However, I learnt ALOT and all the tips and tricks were incredibly useful.

Would I be tempted into making tiered cakes more often now? Maybe….if the occasion called!