Happy Halloween

31 Oct

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Last week the company the hubby works for had there annual Trick or Treat event. Alot of companies these days allow staff to dress up for the Holiday, and some even have contests, but this is slightly different. All those with children are able to bring them into the office, dressed up for the Holiday, and they can visit their colleagues offices for Trick or Treating! Some of the costumes are just too cute!

So as a treat for the kids, and those in the office participating, I send in a little treat of my own. Halloween Cupcakes!

Apologies for the bad lighting, these were taken very late at night!

To deal with allergies, I decided to make these Gluten Free. I have been looking for good gluten free recipes, and so far this one seems to have been the best. I’m still holding out on finding the perfect recipe, so when I do, I will share! Upon request, I made Red Velvet Cupcakes. They had originally started as Orange Velvet, to fit in with the theme, however, the coloring wasn’t as bright as I had hoped.

I went for three different styles, the first being Oreo Spiders.

These are made from simply covering the cupcake in Orange ButterCream (I’ve previously posted my favourite Butter-Cream Recipe here). Then a single Oreo Cookie is then tilted on the top of the cupcake, and I used melted chocolate to draw on the legs and eyes.

Marshmallow Pumpkins

To make these rounded out Pumpkins, I used a circular candy mould to mould Orange Fondant into a half ball shape. I left these for afew hours to harden before drawing the Jack-O-Lantern faces on. As these were hollowed out shapes, I needed top find something yummy to fill them with. Afew weeks ago I brought some Marshmallow puff – and till this week, had never had a project to use it it. Until now! The only downside – after alittle while, the marshmallow started to leak out of the Jack-O-Lantern.

And Finally – Fondant Mummies,

These started off being the most complicated design, however turned out to be the most fun to make. I covered the cupcakes in white Butter-Cream, and cut small strips of White Fondant. Before applying any, I added a small section of black Butter-Cream, and added two small sprinkles for eyes.

Happy Halloween one and All! Have a great night if you are not to partied out – and enjoy the candy!

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