Halloween ‘Martha’ Style

30 Oct

This week has been a long one, work has been crazy and, like everyone else it seems, I have been battling with being sick. Now I am back, on the mend and ready for the sweet delights of Halloween!

This Saturday I visited my local Sur La Table to take part in a cooking class. Afew weeks ago, a friend asked me what class I would recommend them taking as beginner, and I had to admit I didnt know anything about them. This resulted in some research, and to my delight, a local branch of the store offering a wide variety of classes. All of a sudden, one name appeared on the course list and I was sold. The name, of course, was of Miss Martha Stewart.

The class took place in a fully-stocked student kitchen in the back of a branch of Sur la Table. The class was full to capacity, with a total of 21 students all under the careful guidance of Chef Lauren. The Theme;

Halloween Treats from Martha Stewart Living.

The menu consisted of;

Crispy Chocolate-Marshmallow Treats,
Halloween Whoopie Pies,
Pumpkin Chocolate-Spiderweb Tart, and
Almond Brownie Coffin Cake

I loved the way this class worked with so many of us present. The class was divided into 4 stations and groups, all whom made a half version of the printed recipes. Along with Chef Lauren, were 3 assistants who filtered through the groups making sure everyone had the right ingredients and tools, and helped when Chef Lauren was with another group.

Amongst the class was a young girl who had been coming along to multiple classes to learn all she could as she was an aspiring chef.  I was amazed at the culinary knowledge of this 10 year old, and loved the passion she had for the trade.  I wish I had know back at that age that I loved cooking as much as I do! She was a true inspiration to the rest of our group.

The treats we made were delicious! The Rice Krispie Treats reminded me of childhood treats, and the chocolate was a fantastic twist. This was the first time I had ever made or even tasted Whoopie Pies, and the first time didn’t disappoint. My overall favourite however was easily the Almond-Brownie Cake. This is easily the best brownie recipe I have tried in a long time and I cant wait to try it out for myself.

All of the recipes from this class are available in the Martha Stewart Halloween issue on newstands now. You can also find a listing of your local Sur La Table Cooking classes here.

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