Cupcake Camp OC

16 Sep

Wow this week has been a crazy week. Work has been crazy and on top of that the Certifed Pre-Owned Cat Event at the Irvine Animal Care Center began on Wednesday. I have been meaning to sit down and add this post for days….well it was still less than a week ago so that’s still alright? Right?

Last weekend was the Second Cupcake Camp OC. Cupcake Camp OC is a gathering of cupcake-lovers to raise money for a good cause. This year the good cause was Children of the Night, a Non-Profit Organisation to help children and teenagers forces into prostitution for food and a place to sleep. More info on this event and the cause can be found on the Cupcake Camp OC blog.

Last year I found this event by fluke. Whilst home one day, I found a link to the ticket site from a fellow blogger, and thought it would be a fun day out. Sadly, I have to say I came away alittle underwhelmed. The event was crazy! By the time we had got there, there were hardly any cupcakes left, as all the bakers had been overwhelmed by the amount of people in attendance and the small room was too busy.

So this year, I thought I would give it another go, I have faith in these kind of events. As Sunday September 11th rolled around, myself and 3 of my cupcake loving friends headed off to this years Camp, armed with VIP tickets (thank you Groupon!)

Arriving at 12pm for the opening, we were lucky to experience the event from the calm to the crazy. Orange County sure loves its cupcakes! Whilst the event was quiet, I took a full opportunity to get photo’s in of all the beautiful displays. My favourite by far was the tower of colourful glittery cupcakes from Sugar Rush Sweets.

After collecting my allotted amount of cupcakes (and thank you organizers for providing carry boxes for them this year – this was a lifesaver!), and things began to calm down, I wondered around to spy on the competition entries and chat to some of the amazing bakers willing to give up their time and goodies for the event.

I was so happy I got to meet Desi from [desi]gn cakes & cupcakes! I love Cupcake Wars on the Food Network, and truly believed she deserved to win! I’ve tried her cupcakes – they are amazing!

Do I look like a geeky fan? Good !

Then there were the competitions! Each baker donated a themed cake based on three catergories:

  • Most OC

  • Most Childhood Inspired

  • Spirit of September 11

There were some amazing entires, and the winners can be found on this great post by Saturday Night Foodies.

The best thing about the event, bringing home the cupcakes:

Let’s just say the people coming to our apartment last Sunday afternoon were very happy for the goodies. I have to say, all of those I tried were amazing! The ones that really stuck out for me were the Pumpkin mini-cakes from Desi at [desi]gn cakes & cupcakes, and Breakfast themed cupcakes from Holli from Holli Cakes (which was a blueberry cupcake with maple syrup frosting and BACON!).

So thanks again to the organisers of Cupcake Camp OC – despite a few organization issues which I am sure they are aware of – the event was amazing and I hope it raised awareness not only of the impact of Cupcake on OC, but the great work that is done by Children of the night.

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