Second Harvest Food Bank

9 Sep

When we first moved to the US, and I wasnt able to work, I found a great way of doing something practical with my time was volunteering.  I’ve mentioned on the blog before that I have been heavily involved with the Irvine Animal Care Center in Irvine, and other animal rescues, but there are many other opportunities and causes in OC.

Since I have been back in the full time swing of work, I havent had as much opportunity as I would like, and I miss it. So this week I was fortunate enough that my company arranged a corporate event at The Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County.

So for afew hours Wednesday afternoon, 15 of us headed down to The Second Harvest facility in the Great Park in Irvine, and spent the afternoon helping the staff and volunteers in sorting a new donation they had received. I’m not sure we deliberately picked the hottest day of the summer so far, but it definitely made us feel like we were working. As you can see by the picture taken, we all look like we have put a good effort in.

The mission of The Second Harvest Food Bank is:

“We are working to eliminate hunger in Orange County”

Information about them, what they do and the ways they help the community can be found here.

So if you work for a corporation in Orange County, I would certainly recommend arranging a Social Event volunteering with The Second Harvest Food Bank. You can find out more how to help here.

I would personally like to add a massive Thank you too all the staff at The Second Harvest Food Bank in Orange County, for being so accommodating, teaching us about a good cause in our community, and providing us with a GIANT fan, and water on the day (I’m not sure we would have survived without it!)


Do you know of any other Charity organisations that host Corporate Volunteering Event?

I would love to know, as my company is looking to do more events like this and help different charities!

Follow The Second Harvest Food Bank via their blog, or on

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