The Wilton Final ‘Exam’

5 Sep

Before we went off on our little galavant off to San Francisco last weekend, was the final class of my Wilton Gum Paste& Fondant Class, with the final project.

I wasnt to proud of the cake I made at the end of the second course. The Basket Weave created was ‘technically’ great, just sadly the buttercream did not come out as smooth as I wanted, and it created a weird effect. Plus, I didn’t really plan it out well, so it was more thrown together on the day.

So this time I planned ahead. Our lesson plan book was filled with some great ideas, I could have easily have decided on any of the designs featured. During the 3rd class however, I had so much fun making the Lillies, I decided they were what I wanted to incorporate into the final design. After finding this design, I knew I had a plan.

The creation of the Lilies seemed so easy in class, so I set aside an evening after work to make them all. One problem I forgot, I only owned one Wilton cone to shape the lilies as they dried. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, I wish I thought of buying more. So whilst the process was simple, it took two evenings to put them all together.

During the penultimate class, we also learnt how to create Mums. I must admit, I have never been a flower person, and didn’t really know what flower this was, however I thought these would be cute on cupcakes.

These were fairly simple to put together also, some of the steps as show in this slide show.

**This week I learnt how to make slide shows with the help of, a site I fully recommend for a blog noob like me!**

So, back to the final project. This was the first time I have actually used fondant to cover a full cake before, so this was a daunting task for me. A massive Thanks to our instructor Wendy for showing us a simpl, and not scary way of transferring rolled Fondant onto a cake with minimal mess and bumps!

This class was a different and more relaxed feel, with us all just working towards putting together our final designs. There were some amazing cakes coming out of that classroom!

The final ‘lesson’ was a quick session on how to create neat borders, which are extremely handy for covering up all the little bumps and cuts at the base. See here I used the ‘Pearl effect’, which I think worked best with my design.

I was so proud of this cake! This is my first Fondant Design, and thanks to all the little tips and tricks, it was alot simpler to put together than thought 4 weeks ago. The only sad thing, I never got to enjoy this cake! *cries* Due to our trip to San Francisco, this cake had to find a new home – thankfully with a friend who was having a party last weekend!

For anyone new to Cake Decorating, but interested in learning, I would fully recommend the Wilton Classes. I loved the structured classroom learning style, and the classes werent as expensive as some other Decorating Classes. They can be found in most local Michaels and Jo-Ann store, or you can find your local class here.


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  1. LittleMissPip 09/06/2011 at 10:19 AM #

    Loving the slide shows 🙂 Your cakes all look so yummy and pretty and awesome 🙂

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