A Lesson in Wilton

14 Aug

In my quest to learn more ‘culinary’ skills, recently I discovered that Wilton offered a selection of courses in my area.  Generally I tend to make cupcakes rather than full tiered cakes, but I have always wanted to learn how to make the beautiful flowers and decorations show on foody blogs.  Whilst there is ALOT online tutorials and Youtube can teach you – sometimes there is just no substitute for a teacher and classroom setting.

So after a short internet search, I found my local Michaels store was offering 3 official Wilton classes, so I signed up.  The 3 stages of classes offered were:

Class 1 – Decorating Basics

Class 2 – Flowers and Cake Design

Class 3 – GumPaste and Fondant

In my true fashion, rather than starting at the beginning, I decided to join the class at Class 2.  Well – I figured I already knew a lot of the basics, and flowers were something I had never made before.  Each class consists of 4 2hour lessons with a trained Wilton instructor (hi Wendy!), each week learning the basics leading to a final cake design.

After completing Class 2 (which I go back to in a future post), I automatically signed up for the GumPaste class.  This week, I have just complete Lesson 2.

So this week we learnt to make Roses, Calla Lillys and Carnations.  And after one and a half hours, here are the results

I loved this week’s class! It was really great to learn how to make such detailed flowers from a few small tricks and for the final result to look almost real. Well as realistic as a Sugar flower can look!

I was so impressed with how the Rose came out.  This is without doubt my favorite thing I have made from the whole course, and just looks so much cleaner than the Royal Icing ones made in the flower class.  The Calla Lily was pretty cool to – considering how easy it was to make.  As we had Calla Lillies at our Wedding, I wish I had known how to make these back then (not that I would change the amazing Cheesecake Wedding cake we had)

Carination’s on the other hand – they are hard work and no matter what I did, I couldn’t get mine just right.  Wendy (our teacher) was reassuring to the whole class that these flowers just take practice, and after a while it will just ‘work’.  The perfectionist in me just couldn’t get my head around that.  So I know what I have planned for the weekend now…..

If you want to find out about Wilton classes in your area, you can search here:
(US only I’m afraid – although I am sure if you search for Wilton in other countries you should be able to locate international classes)

Now, to my homework for next week. I promised myself I would not leave my homework till the last minute, not sure I can make fondant on the bus on the way to class?


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