Sushi! Not of the Cupcake variety

17 Mar

Firstly I have to say one thing.

I love Groupon.

We have discovered afew amazing places in Orange County through Groupon, that as a newbie to the area, we would never have found. This week was no exception, and on Tuesday night I made Sushi! 5 years ago, if you had asked me if I even wanted to eat Sushi, I would have turned down the offer – I mean, its raw fish. Now however, after being convinced to try new things, I love Sushi!

So last week Groupon had an amazing offer to try a Beginners Sushi making class at Riptide (Rocking Sushi and Teppan Grill) in Mission Viejo. A friend on FaceBook was looking for someone to go with, and I’m all about new cooking experiences. And I am so glad I did.

So the class itself is a 2 hour class, with the Head Chef of Riptide. A group of 12 of us were set up round a table filled with sliced vegatables, rice and eventually fresh fish. If your a Sushi fan, the smells alone make you hungry. Then the chef tough us how to make 4 different types of Sushi, but from the basics, we were free to choose what we wanted to put in each. The experience was messy, but so much fun. As you can see from halfway though:

First off was California rolls with Shrimp, Crab and avocado (shown in the picture above), and part of the class was learning how to plate up also, to hide any imperfections of amateur sushi chefs šŸ™‚ Then came the Salmon, Shrimp and Tuna Sushi, Spicy Tuna rolls and last but not least the handroll (I made my last one Vegatarian for the hubby to try – I know I’m sweet).

Oooh and did I mention the Best part, as part of the class, after plating, we actually got to eat the Sushi. There was sooooo much. I ended up bringing most of mine home, and having it for two nights in a row.

So what did I learn about the art of Sushi making:

  1. Its a delicate art, but anyone can do it. If your prepared to get messy, then its easy.

  2. The key to not getting rice stuck all over your hands – use lots of water! Although you have to be soo careful not to use too much or the rice becomes unsticky.

  3. I love the spicy mayonnaise that Riptide make! Sadly they dont tell you how to make it however.

So for anyone in Orange County who is interested in learning to make Sushi, I can highly recommend Riptide. Information on the classes can be found here:

Next attempt will be making it at home, although I think I will be trying Vegetarian Sushi this time. I am NOT a morning person, and the idea of being up at the Fish markets at 5am to get the fresh (but amazing tasting) fish doesn’t appeal enough. Well not yet….


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  1. Kennedy 08/09/2011 at 6:02 PM #

    I love sushi.

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