My Cupcake Badge, and my first win!

8 Mar

So last Wordless Wednesday, I posted a picture of this amazing pin badge I recently received.

Now, this wasnt the only piece of cool art work I received. About a month ago I enter a competition on one of my favourite blogs

The entry question:

Whats your favourite Red Velvet Cupcake Frosting?

Now, as many of you know, I had never tried a Red Velvet Cupcake until I set foot on US soil. Then I discovered what I had been missing out on for the last 26 years! Every Red Velvet cupcake I have had since then has always had Cream Cheese Frosting. I cant imagine them with anything else. And it seems that many people agreed.

Needless to say – my entry WON!! When I got the email to confirm that goodies were on my way, I was sooo excited. When my package arrive, the goodies were amazing………..

There was only one small thing that dampened the excitement of this arrival, USPS. When the package arrived, the beautiful frame Jessie sent the art work in was shattered. The artwork survived! And it was even cuter in print that digitally (yes – I am sure that possible!)

So now, I have the perfect spot on the wall in my kitchen, and a great piece of artwork, just waiting on a new frame. Sadly my laziness has prevented the piece already being up. But it will be soon, possibly with more cupcake pieces. My Kitchen needs a theme.

For more of Jessie’s amazing work, including the complete set of ‘Cuppie around the World‘ Pins (which will def be part of my next order from her!), then visit the shop at

or Jessie’s amazing blog


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  1. LittleMissPip 03/10/2011 at 12:05 PM #

    They look perfect for your kitchen. Can’t wait to come and see them 🙂

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